4 Habits of People Who Are Always Learning

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With the Month of January almost over, the New Year’s Resolutions you made January 1st might have fizzled into nonexistence by now. However, there are still some of you who keep chugging towards achieving your goals. These few individuals are always learning because they have 4 highly effective habits to keep them going. From focusing on emerging skills to setting a golden benchmark, these habits keep individuals learning their entire lives. To read more on developing into a life long learner read the article below.

4 Habits of People Who Are Always Learning New Skills

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How to Actually Work from Home on a Snow Day

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The impending winter storm is making it hard for employees, working parents, and managers alike to get any work done. Being sent home early may be the last thing any parent or employee wants especially with work still needing to be done. However, productivity does not need to go down the drain while being at home. From making a schedule to having a dedicated work space, there are always ways to be productive even on a snow day. Check out the article below for more helpful hints!

How to Work From Home on a Snow Day

Stop Work From Ruining Your Vacation


With Holiday Vacations fast approaching, a much needed break from work is in store. However, the stress of going back to the office with a pile of tasks can cause many to work on vacation or forgo their vacation all together. According to the U.S Travel Association’s Project,  54% of Americans did not use their allotted vacation time provided by their employer (projecttimeoff.com). It is time to stop letting work life affect your personal life. The tips below will help you manage work stress while you are on vacation.

Four Tips to Stop Work From Ruining Your Vacation

Holiday Work Party Etiquette

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The holidays are fast approaching and so are the inevitable work parties. Every year, there is always at least one person who forgoes all forms of social etiquette. From asking for a raise to flirting with the boss, making a fool of yourself can happen. Below are some easy tips to avoid embarrassment at your holiday work party. Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

15 things you should never do at the office holiday party

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Productivity Tips for People Who Hate Productivity Tips


Have you tried every trick in the book to stay focused and be productive at work? Have all your methods failed? This article highlights some not so typical ways that can help you stay productive. One tip suggests not tracking how much work you have done but focusing on the process of work instead. For more helpful hints read the article below.

Productivity Tips for People Who Hate Productivity Tips

Adapting to the Digital, Virtual Office

According to Forbes, by 2020 more than half of employees will work remotely. This will affect many aspects of a company’s culture including how we collaborate with our coworkers. Those working remotely might only see their coworkers once or twice a year. This can create some communication problems if companies do nothing to adapt to this new culture. The article below offers some advice on how employees can communicate effectively in a remote workforce.

What You Need to Know About the Rise of the Digital, Global Virtual Office

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A short message on keeping your personal information safe during the holidays

As the holiday season descends upon us in its bright and shiny glory, we must remember that the art of gift giving can and sometimes does come with a price. That price is identity theft and for many Americans, it’s a costly price to pay. According to Lifelock, a company that can help prevent identity theft, more than 15.4 million people were affected in 2016, up from 10.2 million in 2007 (Lifelock.com). The short article from NPR  highlights some of the basic ways you can help protect your identity and financial information this holiday season. We want to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.




Is a Shared Office Space in Your Future?

There are many aspects of starting a small business. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right location. Not only will this affect how you work, but also how your clients view your company. With a shared office space, like Your SMARTOFFICE Solution, your business can flourish professionally without the cost of a traditional office. This article highlights the reasons you should consider a shared office space for your small business and how to choose the right location for your office.

Is A Shared Office Space in Your Future?

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The rise of the virtual office assistant

A business must run like a well oiled machine. Many components go into ensuring your business runs efficiently  and productively. If your business requires reception services, this will essentially be the face of your company. Every interaction will start and end with them, making this team member a crucial component to the daily success of your business. This article showcases the art that is the virtual assistant and describes some of the benefits of using virtual assistant services.

The rise of the virtual office assistant

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8 things to consider when choosing a virtual office space

Choosing the right virtual office space can mean a world of difference when trying to market your business the right way. Maybe you need 24/7 access to your office space. Do you require reception services? Mail forwarding? An official address and phone number? Your SMARTOFFICE Solution has a variety of packages and amenities to fit your individual needs. This article from Biz Penguin highlights some of the things you may want to look for when choosing a virtual office space.

Biz Penguin, 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Office Space