3 Steps to Content Curation


Author: Alyse Garrard Reference: Hootsuite University: 3 Steps to Conent Curation

Content Curation is process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. This is what we’ve been doing with Share-A-Thon 2014.  A while ago, I sat through a Hootsuite University lecuture titled “3 Steps to Content Curation” lead by Cameron Uganec (@CameronU), Hootsuite’s Director of Communications and Marketing.

Mr. Uganec’s 3 steps were very engaging, and I’ll share here we use these steps at Your SMARTOFFICE Soluiton to keep our social media content relevant and engaging.

1. Listening and Discovery of relevant, quality content.

Uganec suggested several methods of scouring the internet for content that appeals to your client base.  One of those methods was to follow the content associated with certain search terms.  Your SMARTOFFICE Solution follows hashtag feeds on entrepreneurship, salesmanship, and virtual offices.  We also subscribe to several email list concerning these topics.  That we pull out the most interesting of the stories and then share them with our audience.

2. Sharing and Publishing

The second step Uganec emphasized with content curation was sharing and publishing.  Here he went through a list of cautions and standards people should follow as they’re disseminating curate content.

1. Don’t just be a repeating station: Add contect to retweets, reblogs, and shares.

2. Make sure its handpicked content: Publish only the content relevant to your audience

3. Make sure content is aligned with your brand.  Don’t share something that weakens your brand’s message.

4. Have a Plan. Be intentional and regular in your sharing.  Don’t leave people hanging.

5. Don’t spray and pray.  Be mindful and aware of timing and frequency.

6.  Your Audience is made of Humans, not robots.  Share things that will be interesting to them and engage them.

3. Amplify

Uganec also shared that it is important to make amplification a part of your social media content curation.  Engage your audience with a question.  Remember that social media is in fact SOCIAL. member to be a part of the conversation that you start.