Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Desk


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Have you been letting papers pile on your desk since Christmas? Do you have so much on your desk you can’t work? If so, these easy cleaning tips will help you get organized this spring!

Tip # 1- Clear EVERYTHING off your desk!

If you can’t see the desktop, you probably aren’t sanitizing the desk and germs are accumulating! By clearing off the desk, you can give it a good wipe down with several Clorox wipes. Don’t forget to clean your keyboard, and telephone as well.

Tip # 2- Throw Away Old Papers!

The paper pile up has to end! You might think you need that paper from a project that was completed two years ago. But you don’t! Get rid of anything that is no longer serving you.

Tip # 3- File and Label Everything Else!

After the purge, don’t throw the important papers back on your desk! File them in your desk drawers. Keeping them off your desk and in a drawer will help the desktop stay neat and tidy. Don’t forget to label all your files and papers for easy access.

Tip # 4-  Designate Certain Spaces for Certain Things! 

Now that everything is labeled, take the time to alphabetize all those pesky files. This will make sure you never loose a paper again. On your desktop, have a place for your computer, office supplies, and telephone. All of which should be placed close to you for easy access.

Tip # 5- Personalize Your Desk!

Your desk doesn’t have to be boring now that it is clean. Have fun with your space! Spruce up your desk with photos of your family, your favorite comedic calendar, or your favorite houseplant. These little things will ensure you feel more at home each time you sit down to work.

Tip # 6- Set Aside 5 Minutes!

Set aside just five minutes before you leave the office each day to clean your desk.  These five minutes will keep your messy desk at bay and spare you hours of cleanup later!


Remember: A Tidy Desk Makes For a Tidy Mind!