Is Summer Vacation Really That Important?


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Are you are workaholic or do you think taking a summer vacation is more stressful than just working? It might be hard to realize but taking a break from your strenuous work routine is actually good for you! Read more below to find out why.

1. Vacations are Good for Your Heart

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The Chronic stress of work has a toll on the body including your arteries. According to a 1992 Framingham Heart Study ” men who don’t take vacations were 30% more likely to have heart attacks and for women it went up to 50%.” Chronic work and stress have a negative effect on the body when no breaks are taken. Vacation is a great way to reset your mind and get away from the constant stress that attacks you.


2. Vacations Help Make You More Productive

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Any stress especially the constant demands of work can cause major harm on your productivity level at work. In order for you to regain this productivity, you need to step away from the desk and relax on your vacation. A stressful vacation will not improve your energy levels but make you even less productive. Make sure to relax and catch up on your much needed sleep.


3. Vacations Build Family Relationships

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Working 40+ hours a week leaves little time at the end of the week to spend with your family. Taking a family vacation can reestablish family connections and draw your family closer as a whole. Whether at the beach or hiking, you will learn more about your family and come to love them more than you already do. Family happiness can bring joy back into your life even when you do have to go back to work.


Don’t waste those paid vacation hours this summer but take a vacation. Enjoy life instead of working 24/7.