Back-to-School Season is Upon Us


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Endless school supply commercials, frantic-looking parents running around Target for the right type of dry erase markers and kids of all ages cramming in their summer reading can only mean one thing: back-to-school season is in full effect. While I’m sure there are plenty of reasons students can give on why this is time of year is stressful, I’m here to point out that the beginning of the school year is a great time to start fresh whether you’re a student, teacher or a small business owner.

Here are some ideas you can use to give your company a fresh face to finish the year strong!

  1. Set new goals

By setting new goals you’re encouraging your employees to dream for their company. There’s something so refreshing about having new goals to work toward.

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2. Check in with your clients- make sure you’re meeting their needs!

It’s good to do this several times throughout the calendar year. However, if it’s been a minute since you’ve asked, “How are we doing?” then now is the best time to start! Clients love to feel valued and heard. By asking if you’re meeting their needs it’ll give them a chance to voice what they like- and about what needs improvement.

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3. Launch a new marketing campaign

One of the many ways to expand as a company is a fantastic marketing campaign. As people start to get into the “back-to-school” feeling and fall weather comes upon us, an updated or brand new marketing strategy can really carry a business to the end of the year.

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4. Implement a new internal rewards system

Offering incentives to reward your employees is a great way to promote healthy competition and help your employees reach new heights they didn’t even know they were capable of!

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5. Evaluate the year-to-date data

When determining the best course of action to take for the remainder of the year it’s good to look at how you’ve done so far on paper. Are you on track? Do you the statistics show a promising end-of-year? Or is it time to make some changes for a better outcome?

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There’s something about the start of a new quarter that breathes creativity and hope into a business. Maybe you’ll reset your projections for year’s end goals or setup a new marketing strategy. Whatever the case may be, change is upon us.

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Written by Tayler McCrabb