What Hiring Millennials Does for Your Company


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Several college graduates are struggling to find jobs. They find themselves stuck in this cycle of needing more experience to be an applicable candidate for a job, but not being able to find a place that will give them that “experience” needed. In addition, millennials are known to be lazier, more entitled and self-centered. So why would a company want to hire them? While there are pros and cons to every business decision, I’d like to point out why hiring the next generation will benefit your company.

1. They are willing to sacrifice salary for a preferred job experience

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With millennials, it’s all about the experience. They place importance on comfortability and enjoyment. That also means they are willing to take a lower paying job that provides them a better work experience. Click here to see what benefits millenials prefer to have through employment.

2. They aren’t retiring anytime soon

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With student debt at an all-time high, millennials are prepared to work and they’re not really looking at early retirement anytime soon. With a combination of debt, high rent rates and lower salaries millennials aren’t even thinking about retirement.

3. They provide innovative and efficient ways to do things

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Millennials are known to take the “easy-way-out” (or as my dad says, “the path of least resistance”) but that isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. By always trying to figure out ways to do things better and easier, millennials could greatly improve your company’s policies and efficiency whether through technology or other means.

4. Millennials want to make a difference

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Major brands are now highlighting their strategies to help better the world now more than ever. Why is that? Because these brands have caught on that millennials care and want to make an impact on the world. They feel they’re empowering companies when they buy from brands that make a difference. Social responsibility is something of significant importance to a millennial. That priority can be a major asset as an employee.

5. You will need them eventually

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Currently millennials make up 36% of working America and by 2025 they will make up 75% of the U.S. workforce. Millennials are known to be extremely loyal so they won’t forget the company that gave them their start and believed in them.

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If you’re reading this and thinking I bet the author is a millennial then you would be correct! And I definitely do think we have pros and cons to our work ethic. However, if you can create a workplace that cultivates and teaches maturity, experience and professionalism while promoting creativity and fresh ideas you might be surprised how hard your millennial-aged employees will work for you.

Written by Tayler McCrabb