How Sharing the Right Content Can Empower Your Social Selling


social-media-content-sharingAuthor: Tara Meehan; Source

It’s human nature to do things just for the sake of doing them. You watch TV because it’s there and it claims to be smarter than you. Maybe you surf the net because you have other stuff to do but just don’t want to be bothered. No judgment. Most times, doing stuff just to do it is harmless. But in business, specifically in marketing and sales, doing something just to say you did can be disastrous. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the majority of social media content sharing approaches I see on a daily basis. Honestly, it’s a bit of a horror show.

Before you share your next piece of 3rd party that’s about nothing at all or proprietary social content that goes right for the sale, I want you to ask yourself 4 questions:

1 – Who are you? – This should be easy but it’s quite possibly the hardest question you’ll ever have to answer.

2 – What do you do? – Don’t just answer with a title. Go beyond that.

3 – What are you truly passionate about? – This doesn’t have to be a professional passion. If you’re a sports nut, own it.

4 – How can you bring value to your client’s lives? – I hope you’re able to answer this. If you can’t, you may want to reevaluate what it is you do. If you can or at least think you can, mirror this value proposition with the content that you share.

And there’s that word – content. I have to admit that word bugs me. It’s pronounced slightly differently than content but for many in social selling it far too often comes to be synonymous. NEVER under any circumstances, be content with the content you share.

Think about what you share and like on your personal Facebook profile. Are you posting pictures, videos, and articles that fill you with lukewarm fuzzies? I highly doubt it. You are sharing information that you feel strongly about. So why are you playing it safe on the business side?

Let’s revisit those 4 questions again. This time, I’ll give you some tips on how to answer them authentically and strategically.

1 – Who are you? – You are a human being; not a corporate robot. You have interests that transcend the boardroom. Yes, sharing content that speaks to your professional objectives is important but giving of yourself through the photos, videos, and articles you share with your network will give a compelling 360 view of you. If you ran a 5K, let your network know. I can assure you, such a post will never come from me.

2 – What do you do? – If you’re a children’s advocate, show it through the content you share – causes, volunteer initiatives. If you’re a financial representative, show it through the content you share – financial calculators designed to help folks manage their personal finances, videos depicting the protection-based importance of a strong retirement portfolio.

3 – What are you truly passionate about? – If you’re an avid gardener or a foodie, show it through the content you share – local restaurants, area flower shows, wine tastings your neighbors shouldn’t miss out on. This will appreciate it. Wouldn’t you?

4 – How can you bring value to your client’s lives? – This is a market and life event play. What is your largest market? Medical? Legal? Small business owners? Show value through the content you share – health and wellness news, tips on drafting stronger contracts, articles from local business journals. Second, what are some of the life events impacting your market? Is your network comprised of millennials buying their first home? Entrepreneurs starting a new venture? Baby boomers sending their kids off to college? Show value through the content you share – are you getting my drift?

I’m not going to get on you for doing stuff just to do it. Heck, I’m about to channel hop just because the remote is on my lap. When it comes to social content, stop before you start. What you share will be perceived as an extension of who you are. It will keep you top of mind with your network. So do you want to look content or do you want to appear passionate…