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Fully Furnished Offices

Are you looking for the perfect office space in Lexington, KY? Your SMARTOFFICE Solution offers the ideal office solution to meet your every need. Our unique office solution is the complete package of office space, technology, service and support allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of the best corporate headquarters. Whether you need one office or many, our SMART Office Solutions give you the control to tailor your office package so you only pay for what you need.


Our full service SMART Office Solutions allow you to move into your new office immediately with no large capital outlay or construction delays. We understand the need for flexibility for your growing business needs and when you need additional office space we will accommodate right away. No more worrying about expensive moves and additional administrative costs. Your SMARTOFFICE Solution takes on the cumbersome task of your office, technology and details with one complete package.


SMART Office Solutions Include

- Fully Furnished, Class A Office Space

- State-of-the-Art Phone and Voice Mail Service

- Fax/Modem Line(s)

- Ultra High Speed Connectivity

- Professional Reception Services

- High Tech Business Lounge for Collaborating

- Class A Meeting Facilities

SMARTOFFICE Support Solutions

Your SMARTOFFICE Solution's Professional Support offer you the opportunity to have your time consuming daily tasks completed by our professional staff, while allowing you to focus on the most important business opportunities. SMARTOFFICE is the exclusive source of business support services for our clients. Best of all our services are efficient, professional and affordable!


Our SMART office Support Solutions offer you the flexibility of only paying for the services you need, when you need them. We allow you to have your own professional assistant without the expense and difficulty of a full or part time employee. We allow you to establish your business locally, quickly, and affordably. Our office packages are ready whenever you are and our simple terms allow companies large or small to move in immediately.


Support Solutions Include

- General Administrative Services

- Color Laser Printing, Digital Copying & Fax Services

- Parcel Packaging and Shipping

- Pick Up and Delivery Services

- Presentation and Booklet Preparation